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Tibico Fermentary - Water Kefir


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is a PLANT BASED delicious thirst quenching drink.

Every batch of our tasty Tibico takes 10 days to ferment whole fruits and spices into a rich delicious drink.

Craft fermented under the guidance of our master brewer and founder, our passion and labour of love is never ending to deliver the natural power of plant based nutrition through our drinks.

Tibico contains billions of live cultures that aid digestion, rebalance your gut health, support the immune system and
contribute towards general wellbeing.

Most customers however, just LOVE Tibico as a sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly drink.

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Russet Apple - Small, Wild Berry - Small, Strawberry - Small, Ginger & Turmeric Root - Small, Russet Apple - Large, Strawberry - Large, Ginger & Turmeric Root - Large, Wild Berry - Large, Pineapple & Lime Large, Rhubarb - Large


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